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Will Sanford, MBA

Junior Analyst

Will Sanford holds an MBA in Finance from San Diego State University, with honors. His academic research included the Argentine market's economic potential, investment hedging strategies in "vice" industries, as well delving into alpha generation through AI-based trading strategies. 

Complementing his MBA, Will holds a Bachelor's degree in International Business. Completing the program in 3 years with honors, his coursework emphasized the culture, language, and business acumen of southern cone countries.

Prior to joining Ariston, Will was an Analyst at Rogue Ventures, where he specialized in Transaction Advisory and Management Consulting for seed stage companies, actively contributing to the firm's deal pipeline. He also consulted for Dare Biosciences where he leveraged financial analysis, modeling, and consulting frameworks to inform the firm's strategic and pricing decisions.

In his leisure time, Will enjoys cooking, engaging in DIY projects like building furniture, maintaining a regular exercise routine, and keeping up with Serie A Soccer.